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FAQ, How To Access Picks

Do you have a phone number in which I can ask questions? 

In order to service a large client base, we no longer have a phone service. This is in no small part because we address pretty much every question we have heard here. 

To be brutally honest, we found in the past that less than one-percent of clients would occupy about 90 percent of our time spent on the phone. Our email and FAQ makes it work for all of us. 

Tips for logging into your account and making purchases 

In order to avoid duplicate accounts and hence confusion, please log into your account before making a purchase 

If you do not have an account, click on the Create a New Account link at the top of the page. Only your email address is needed and you will be emailed your password, but you are also automatically logged in once you set up an account If you purchase without logging in, an account is created for you and you are automatically logged in to that account 

Click on Review Today Selections to get your plays 

What is your winning percentage? 

Over any long- term period, we will hit near or above the 60 percentile. Our Wise Guy plays are 3-5 percent better than our Major plays. Note in baseball we pick predominantly dogs or small favorites, so our percentage will be lower, but our ROI will be even higher. We have the highest burden of proof and criterion before making a selection than anyone in the industry. 

Where are your records documented? 

Ah simple question, not a simple answer. Where the documenters documented? Please read this article for the not-so-short answer. No website in the history of the world has better vetted handicappers 

Why not post the plays on your site 15 minutes after they start and be fully transparent? 

Although our site is not currently set up to do that automatically, we may reprogram that. Problem is, the only site most sites we know of (the exception being the service that picks just college sports), under the guise of being transparent, always cherry picks the most beneficial line that was every available. 

Flat out, sometimes to entertain ourselves and looks at some the sites. Often they will have the exact bet we do, but they call a game that was close against the spread a win or push and we call the same pick a loss, because our paying clients deserve better. Who is being transparent again? 

We know of another who loves betting games near key numbers, tells his clients to buy the half-point, and never charges himself the 20 percent juice on a half-point. 

Why not guarantee your picks like some other sites? 

Do you purchase from such websites? Did you ever notice those websites almost always release an odd number of picks? I do not mean as in strange, but for example, three, five, seven picks? 

Why? If we bet four plays, in order to fulfill a guaranteed winning day, we would need to hit 75 percent of our picks. Other sites know this. The solution? Add a coin flip, so they only need to hit 60 percent. 

If you are buying from a website that is the exception, we stand corrected. But I have been in the industry a long time. I have had cappers tell me directly, they will only guarantee an odd number, because it lowers the percentage of picks they need to hit. It is easier to win 5-of-9 then 5-of-8 is it not? I can, ahem, guarantee you it is. 

Anyone who wants a guarantee frankly should not be gambling. Gambling involves risk by definition and we eliminate long-term risk, while reducing short-term. We do not win every day or even every three-day period. 

In fact, handicappers who now guarantee plays sell their picks ala carte, charging $40-60 or more per pick and to purchase every pick they release will often cost $150-200 or more for the right to have the picks guaranteed. 

We will openly admit what the scamdicappers do not: we do lose every now and then. However our work ethic, experience, software, contacts, etc will insure that we win more than anyone else and at a fraction of the cost! Just as we do not request extra money every time we win, we do not give refunds for occasional losing days. 

Gambling by definition involves risk. Frankly the only guarantee that any LEGITIMATE handicapper can give is that his plays are extremely well researched and we can say in good sense of right and wrong that our plays have a much better chance at winning in the long-term than any plays that will get anywhere. Make good days to my knowledge are gimmicks used by services that charge 20 times what we do. We offer the best selections on the planet for one of the lowest prices anywhere. We are proud of the unprecedented value we offer. 

It is by design that my plays are priced where you can try me for a week or even a month for LESS than it would cost you to get the selections from most inferior handicappers in a day. Other handicappers know that they must make as much money from you as quickly as possible. I believe that anyone who tries us for a long period will subscribe to my plays for their betting life. My prices are with that supreme confidence in mind. People who will try me for a day and its one and gone if I lose are unavoidable. Luckily I have a lot more won and Ill try you again days. But for those kinds of clients timing is everything. 

But I treat ever day as if it is my only chance to win someone for life. So far, so good. 

Nobody has more to lose by a losing day than I do from both a personal investing and business standpoint. That is why I will work 16 hours a day to make sure the winning days greatly outnumber the losing ones to the benefit of us all! 

Often the only difference between a client who uses me for only a day or so and one who will use me for many years is timing. My investors and I will after basketball season weigh all the pros and cons of many things including pricing. A possibility is raising prices and offering make up days as a gimmick as the more expensive (and inferior) handicappers do. 

As we have been getting new clients literally every day, inevitably any time we lose for a day or two someone will have tried us for the first time and lost. We have many loyal clients who like me suffer through a few inevitable bumps in the roadthat is why its called gambling, but stick with us because there is a lot more thick than thin. To give free days after one losing day is frankly a slap in the face to clients with realistic betting goals. 

We are still waiting for people to beg to pay double on our more frequent winning nights. 

Investing with a quality handicapper is like betting the stock market. There are ebbs and flows but you will make money in the long run. 

What is your contact information? 

Payments all handicappers can be made by the following means: 

Bitcoin: Email us at admin (AT) PicksDepot (DOT) com and we will send BTC address. We must process manually, so this is recommended only for long-term purchases and give us at least an hour to process.


Western Union: C/O Stephanie Kaye, Alpharetta, GA (email us your control number, name and phone number on the form to admin (AT) PicksDepot (DOT) com

Please note: The alternate means are recommended ONLY for long-term purchases to be made in advance. One payment is confirmed (which means personal checks clearing) we then manually enter the purchase. Real time purchases must be made directly through the site. 

Password problems: please use the contact us link at the top of the page. 

Can you customize a package for me? 

Sure, we often have for long-term packages. Examples are pro-rating specials for people who have a lot of days left in their current subscriptions. Many gamblers who have a long-term package for one of the Bet It Trinity services want us to design one for the remaining two. Please keep in mind that we normally customize packages of one week or longer, because there is some programming involved in setting them up. Just please use the contact us link at the top of the page. 

What is my password? 

If you sign up for a new account, you should be emailed your password. **Please note, it you were a client when our handicappers were part of the or Networks, your email address and password are the same. Please log in and change your password. If you are still having problems, please use the contact us link at the top of the page. 

How do I pay by credit card? 

Please note that you need not use PayPal. To pay by credit card, once you click on the credit card icon to the right, it will take you to a page where you can use PayPal directly or if you prefer credit card use the Do not have a PayPal account? Click here option. 

If I buy a package from you, do the days have to be consecutive? 

Our program is designed only for consecutive day purchases, much like a newspaper subscription. However we have made exceptions for clients who buy at least a monthly package and are going out of town or cannot access for a few days. 

It is impractical to do this for four-day packages etc as all work must be done manually. In fact they are designed for the weekend recreational bettor. 

But if a long-term client wants to delay a subscription while out of town, we can arrange. 

I have been thinking of using your plays as I visit your website every day. However you never talk about losers. Am I supposed to believe that you never lose? 

I can say with a clear conscience that I believe that you will not get better selections anywhere. However the best products of any kind must not ignore the basic principles of Advertising 101. 

Marketing is not defined as an objective rundown of the pros and cons of a product. Movies and restaurants do not post bad reviews with the good ones. Automobiles do not promote anything negative said in Consumer Reports, just the positives. McDonalds does not publicize the calories or cholesterol levels of their products and Firestone I am confident will never mention the world recall in their commercials nor will any of the thousands of products that are recalled every year. 

I live and die my selections, but I also need to keep the basic principles of advertising in mind. There will be no inaccurate records posted. I could tell the entire world every time that I lost but in fairness I would have to ask all the Ph.D. professors that I had who taught me to focus on the positive when advertising a product to retroactively lower my grades for throwing those principles out the window. I believe I will win for you more than anyone on the planet will. I will also lose. But it would not be wise to advertise losing days. It does make me dishonest, as I am not. But it does make me a bit in tune with how marketing works. 

Anyone could flip a coin, admit to picking heads when tails won. That takes about 30 seconds a day of honest handicapping. If you upgrade to wanting a QUALITY handicapper, we are here for you. 

But if merely talking about losers is all you want, I can respect that. Let me know if you decide to have as few losers as possible to talk about, a handicapper who would rather learn from losers than merely clear his conscience by talking about them. 

Personally I hate losing and telling the world about it really does not lesson the pain. I would prefer to have clients that feel the same way. I do. 

It is not my policy to elevate myself by bringing down other handicappers. But I will try to say this as tactful as possible. 

When we formed it, we knew that it was imperative to first spend a ton of money making sure we had the best handicappers to promote. We spent a lot of money purchasing plays and scouting a ton of handicappers, including a few on that list. We came up with a wish list and spent a lot of money turning that list into reality. Only the best made the cut. We did not recruit any so-called honest handicappers, who simply admit they do not win. We recruit tipsters who have winners to brag about. I hope that is as delicate as possible. 

But then again, admitting to losers was not a criterion on our checklist. Bluntly, we set the bar much, much higher. I do mean much higher. 

But to each his own. 

Is your site secure? 

When you make a purchase, you immediately go to the Paypal server. Your entire purchase is done via Paypal. They send a signal back to us for automation. Absolutely no credit card information whatsoever is stored on our website. 

If somebody hacked our website, they could not get any information about you except your email address. Paypal is as secure as any site in the world. Our website is as well, but insofar is your private credit card information, we have none of it at all. It is 100 percent done on Paypal servers. 

How many plays a day do you release? 

We always allow the quality of the card to dictate how many plays we release. We have had complete Saturday college basketball cards in which do not released just two plays and we had a Thursday night football card with two games and we had plays on both sides and both totals including three Wise Guy plays. As a general rule of thumb, we usually release 3-6 plays. 

What time do you release your plays? 

On weekdays in which there are no night games, our plays are up usually by 1:00 EST, generally earlier. On days in which there are day games, we release much earlier but sometimes we will come back later with night plays. 



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